perfect wedding locationPERFECTION. I could make that the only review on the property, but i know you want more… First things first: The staff completely surpassed my expectations (times ten). They were helpful, available, and organized.

Price: In the words of Bob Barker, “The price is right.”

My husband and I (as of September 5th, 2014) wanted to enjoy the day without the credit card bills to follow. I wanted to have my day like all us ladies do, but to put this in the most eloquent way, “I had to ball on a budget LOL.” They have a cabin on the lake that the ladies get ready in, and the gentlemen can do the same above the barn (in the air conditioning).

We had the ceremony a stones throw away from the reception. The guests loved the non travel factor. They have a shed on the property that houses decorations for the wedding as part of the package (I was super happy about that, and yes they’re adorable)! The photos from my photographer (Victor Junco VP-Photojournalism, a quick plug for him) were stunning! The photos even from cells were gorgeous. The outside is well maintained, and treated before all visits. We were there in the dead of summer and not a bite on one of our guests. We both had the best day of our life, and we could not imagine doing it anywhere else.

-Amanda Matherlee