Old McMicky’s Farm Announces Winner of $30,000 ‘Mission I Do’ Military Dream Wedding Giveaway AND also Donates the beautiful Farm venue and Staff for weddings for the 3 Deserving Runner Up Couples.

In 2010, Samantha’s brother Bryan graduated basic training and was stationed in Fort Drum, NY. He showed Samantha’s picture to Sgt. Christopher St. Onge in an effort to get himself out of doing pushups. It must’ve worked because Samantha soon got a friend request on Facebook.

veteran wedding giveaway FloridaBryan and Chris deployed together to Afghanistan in March 2011. Just a few months later, on July 1, 2011 their squad was hit by an I.E.D. killing SPC Waters, and wounding Samantha’s brother, Bryan. Samantha’s family was told Bryan had lost both legs and left arm and a lot of blood, but was stable. Samantha received message after message filled with support, love prayers, shoulders to lean on, but then a familiar name came through her inbox. It was Chris, checking in on Bryan’s progress. How good it was to see his name. Someone that was there with Bryan, someone who helped save his life.

Chris and Samantha often spoke. He checked in on Bryan, she asked how the rest of their deployment was going. Little conversations that brought Samantha the most comfort she had felt in months.

After Bryan healed, he could not wait to get back to his unit in Fort Drum. Samantha made the trip with him, and of course got to spend some time with Chris. Chris and Samantha started dating, but could only see each other on weekends due to their work schedules and the long distance. It was a 6-­‐hour drive from Brooklyn to Fort Drum, but they made the trip almost every weekend.

In December 2012, Chris got recruiting orders to Tampa and asked Samantha to join him. She had to leave her family and her life, but there was no hesitation. She knew Chris was the one for her, and she knew it was time for them to start our lives together.

This past August, on their 3-­‐year anniversary, Chris proposed. A few weeks later, Chris received an e-­‐mail announcing a dream wedding giveaway from Old McMicky’s farm in Odessa, FL. It couldn’t have been more perfect timing.

Chris is a true hero, a bronze star recipient. There is no one more deserving.

In honor of all of our military, Old McMicky’s Farm has decided to donate the beautiful farm venue, wedding staff and a wedding coordinator for weddings for all three Mission I Do runner-­‐up couples.

In addition to the announcement of the grand prize winners, The Barn at Crescent Lake owner Ralph Zuckerman has offered to donate the farm venue and staff as well as a wedding planner to the 3 runner-up couples. “In recognition and appreciation of all of our military, we have decided to donate the farm facility and staff as well as a free wedding coordinator to the other 3 deserving military runner up couples.

The Barn at Crescent Lake is thankful for the generosity of all of our vendor partners and media partners who help make ‘Mission I Do’ a reality. The Farm also thanks Brigadier General Gary Brown, USMC retired and Vincent Jackson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for making the PSA video announcing “Mission I Do’, and a special thanks to Blue Skies Events for donating wedding coordination at the Farm for all four couples.

Media will be welcome to attend the wedding on February 21, 2016. The couple is available for media interviews at this time and again prior to the wedding. Please see the attached document with Chris and Samantha’s pictures and their full story.