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The Barn At Crescent Lake


    gorgeous venue with amazing staff. They will make sure your dream wedding is perfect!

    Alexis Rogers

    I was able to talk to Amanda from this venue and she was incredibly helpful. Me and my fiancé have been really worried with Covid that we wouldn’t be able to all meet with our friends and family, but this venue is so great, open, and communicative that we’re still able to follow social distancing guidelines and have an amazing wedding as well. I would highly recommend talking to Amanda about your wedding, she truly wants the best for you and your fiancé.

    Michelle Sussman

    My daughter had her wedding here and it was absolutely spectator! The staff are amazing and the venue is so cute and rustic, yet classy and elegant! If you're looking for a barn wedding with incredible scenery....look no further!

  • Tammy Lackore

    I photographed a Wedding here recently and it was perfect for the couple. Super pretty venue. Sits on a Lake that reflects the sunset and has a little pole barn with a chandelier for first dances. Food was great and they had a fire pit and games. The guests had a great time.

    Chelsea Armstrong

    The venue is absolutely gorgeous. Theresa was my coordinator and she did an incredible job. The staff is very organized and the day-of couldn't have gone any smoother!

    John Fade

    I went to my first wedding here a few weeks ago and found it to be a delightfully original venue for a fun, outdoor wedding. The country setting with a beautiful Lake in the background made the wedding memorable. There was even a petting zoo for the children to enjoy. The reception was held in a nearby converted barn with a live DJ, lots of good food to choose from and a dance floor which stayed full. I had a great time!

  • Candy Gesemyer

    My daughter and her husband were married at The Barn on Saturday. It was a magical day and everything from beginning until the end was perfect. The wedding coordinator, Theresa was superb! We loved the venue, the food, flowers, DJ, cake...highly recommend it!

    John Brombosz

    Great ambiance for outdoor group gathering.

    Scott Carvin

    Beautiful farm with animals and lake. The staff went above and beyond to ensure everything was perfect and they educated the kids about the animals and we ALL had a great experience!!!

  • jeffluci tawney

    Beautiful venue and great staff!


    AWESOME COUNTRY WEDDING. Bonfire Lakeside Peaceful Home on the Farm QUALITY ATMOSPHERE. Upstairs remodeled barn large Bridal and Separte Grooms Dressing/Wait Rooms. Pictures tell it all. Some financial Last Min. Issues BUT GOT MORE THAN PAID FOR IN MY OPINION AS GROOMS MOTHER. AWESOME IN EVERYWAY

    Maddness Photography

    I had the pleasure of photographing an event here. I was blown away at how beautiful the new barn was, and how great the entire staff is. The owner made sure to come introduce himself to us, and was so kind. Everything was so clean. They really thought of every last detail. I am so excited to photograph another event there!

Wedding Venues In Fort Lonesome

Considering an Outdoor Wedding Venue? Factors to Consider When You’re Looking for a Fort Lonesome, FL Wedding Venue

When you’re looking for wedding reception venues in Hillsborough County, be sure that you include The Barn at Crescent Lake on your list of locations to consider. Regarded as one of the most prestigious Fort Lonesome, FL wedding venues, our location exudes natural romance. Featuring a historic barn that’s been recently renovated with modern comforts and 40-acres of lakefront property, our barn wedding venue will provide the perfect backdrop for a rustic, yet elegant, and absolutely romantic experience that you’ll be sure to remember for a lifetime, if you’re looking for a truly stunning outdoor wedding venue, be sure to schedule a tour of The Barn at Crescent Lake.

Factors to Consider When You’re Looking for a Hillsborough County Outdoor Wedding Venue Near You

If you and your spouse-to-be are looking to host your wedding in a breathtaking setting that offers ample space while being surrounded by nature, an outdoor wedding venue may be just what you’re looking for. 

The key to hosting a successful outdoor wedding is choosing the perfect wedding venue near you. After all, the venue sets the stage for the entire event and has a significant impact on the overall experience that you, your spouse, and your guests will have.

You’ll find no shortage of wedding venues near you in Hillsborough County; just run a quick search for “outdoor wedding venues near me”, “barn wedding venues near me”, “beach wedding venues near me”, or any other similar query and you’ll be sure to find a long list of options to choose from. But with so many choices, how do you decide which one will best fit your needs and reflect your style while also ensuring that everyone will have a wonderful time? Here’s a look at some factors to consider when you’re looking for an outdoor Fort Lonesome, FL wedding venue.

The Weather

One of the biggest concerns that any couple who is planning to have their event at an outdoor wedding venue has is the weather. While every bride and groom hopes that they’ll have fair weather on their special day, while poor conditions may not be ideal if you’re hosting it indoors, the walls and ceiling will protect everyone from the elements, but if you’re having it outside, your wedding can literally be rained out.

When thinking about the weather, here are some factors to keep in mind when you’re looking for an outdoor wedding venue near you.

  • The time of year. The time of year that you’re having your wedding will impact the weather. While it’s typically warm year-round in Hillsborough County, different times of the year can usher in different kinds of weather challenges. For example, in the spring, heavy rains can pop up unexpectedly, in the summer, the heat and humidity can be extreme, fall is the height of hurricane season, and while it isn’t common, there is a chance that temperatures can dip in the winter. With that said, make sure that you choose an outdoor Fort Lonesome, FL wedding venue that offers shelter in the event that the weather does turn bad. While you may have to postpone in the off and unfortunate chance that a hurricane arrives, a setting that features an indoor facility, complete with a roof and air conditioning, would be your best option.
  • The time of day. In addition to the weather, the time of day is another factor that will impact the weather and should be taken into consideration when you’re planning an outdoor wedding venue near you. For instance, if you’re planning on having your affair in mid-afternoon when the sun is high in the sky, conditions could get quite hot and unpleasant, or, if you’re planning on having your ceremony around sunset, keep in mind that the time the sun goes down varies throughout the year.

The Natural Beauty

While it goes without saying, it’s certainly worth mentioning that when you’re looking for a Hillsborough County outdoor wedding venue, you’re going to want to consider the natural beauty the setting offers. You won’t really need to fill the space with a lot of decorations when there’s a view of a pristine lake, acres of gardens bursting with flowers, majestic trees, and other breathtaking natural elements. With that said, when you’re looking for outdoor wedding venues near you, consider the natural beauty of the location and look for something that features beautiful surroundings and a romantic setting.

The Amenities

Lastly, you’ll want to consider the amenities that the outdoor Fort Lonesome, FL wedding venue offers. Some venues offer nothing more than the natural setting and you’ll need to provide the vital elements, such as the tents, tables, chairs, and catering, while other venues offer everything you’ll need; for example, a barn wedding venue can feature both a beautiful outdoor setting and a spacious and comfortable indoor setting.

It’s important to consider the amenities that the venues you’re considering offer so that you can make arrangements for other necessary elements. Keep in mind that the cost of a venue that doesn’t offer any amenities may seem lower than one that does offer amenities, but when you calculate the expenses associated with supplying the rest of the elements that you’ll need for your wedding, the price can actually end up being higher.

Contact a Premier Fort Lonesome, FL Wedding Venue

When you’re looking for outdoor wedding venues near you, make sure you include the area’s most prestigious location: The Barn at Crescent Lake. Our vintage, yet modern barn, coupled with 40 pristine acres of lakefront property is the perfect blend of rustic elegance and romantic ambiance. To schedule a tour, please call 813-486-2731 or visit

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