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at The Barn at Crescent Lake
Hey all of you engaged couples
out there practicing social distancing!
Have you been putting off that initial wedding planning?
Has your wedding date been postponed but still have
some unfinished details?
Don’t let it kill your vibes!
The Barn at Crescent Lake has five great tips to make
your wedding planning fun during quarantine!
1. Find Your Venue
Venues such as ours are still offering great ways to view the venue!
We invite couples to a private, relaxing “walk on the farm!”
Couples are able to enjoy the scenery and catch some fresh air while beginning to plan their perfect day! All tours are private and conducted in wide open spaces with the appropriate social distancing as recommended! Virtual Tours, Zoom & Facetime tours are also available!
All of us here at The Barn at Crescent Lake feel it is extremely important to give couples the wedding of THEIR dreams!
So when doing your research look for these details!
  • Can you bring your own vendors or switch out Wedding Professionals to suit your needs and desires for your day? – If you truly LOVE a venue, see if you can customize the packages. – Our packages are customizable to fit the needs and wants all of our couples have!
  • Your Day, Your Own Unique Way – Make sure your venue will help with your vision. Lots of “Yes! You can do that!” will bring you closer to the wedding of your dreams. – We are that “Yes!” Venue!
  • Be Weary of Pop-Up Venues – The longer they have been in business means they have more experience to deal with any planning issues that may arise. – We’ve been doing weddings since 2013 and have a team of wedding specialist that have been in the business for over 20 years!
  • Convenient Location and Privacy – Check for travel time from the nearest airports & hotels in the area. Also make sure that your venue isn’t on any major roads and away from traffic.You wouldn’t want any on-lookers or traffic noise interfering. – We are conveniently nestled just outside Tampa!Tucked in the beauty and serenity of Odessa on a private 40 acre lake. We also have nearby hotels that offer shuttle service to and from our venue!
  • Professional and Caring Staff – Make sure you feel comfortable with the staff that you meet at the venue. You will build a relationship with the venue staff to plan the best day of your life.
At The Barn at Crescent Lake our dedicated and caring staff is committed to exceeding your expectations to create the day you’ve dreamed of for you and your guests!
2. Gather Pinterest Ideas
So as a child I loved scrapbooking! And making collages! So unless you’ve been living on Mars for the last few years then you know about Pinterest!
It’s addicting, fabulous and a great wedding planning tool! PLUS it’s free!!!
You can find everything from stationary to flowers, cake and even DIY crafts, it truly is the best thing out there to help during the process!
During this time of “social distancing” you can even get your bridemaids involved, by sharing your board with them!
I always encourage our couples to get creative and create a wedding board. This is extremely helpful when meeting with your coordinator! In our all inclusive packages we include décor so this is a great way to help you get ideas so when you enter our “fun room” its going to be an actual fun experience instead of something that feels so stressful!
But it is crucial to keep in mind that a lot of the weddings you see on Pinterest are carefully orchestrated styled shoots.
So, one thing to remember is to be realistic, true to yourself but also have fun with it!
By keeping these tips in mind, you will become a Pinterest pro in no time at all as you embark on this crazy wedding planning adventure!
3. “Clean Up ” Your Wedding Guest List
What’s a party without guests? Especially a wedding?!
Creating the guest list for some is probably one of the hardest parts of the whole wedding planning process! Especially if one or both sets of parents are involved!
There are people you can’t wait to invite to share your special day with! Others you really want to skip, and those who may or may not make the cut, depending on
your venue’s capacity.
Now more than ever is the perfect time to sit down
with your boo and go through your list!
4. Pick Your Vendors
Food, DJ, Flowers, Cake, Officiant, Bartending Serivces, Photographer & Coordinator?
All these Wedding Professionals play a huge part in your special day!
The last thing you want is a tasteless cake, boring DJ or dead flowers in your centerpieces!
Here at The Barn at Crescent Lake we have an amazing Preferred Vendors List built with Tampa’s most talented and sought after Wedding Professionals that are included in our All-Inclusive Packages!
Whether or not your venue includes these vendors – now is the perfect time to do your research as a lot of these vendors are still working!
Check out their reviews, ask for referrals, set your budget, check date availability & set-up virtual or future appointments.
Once you have picked your dream team of trusted wedding professionals, let them do their job while you enjoy your loved ones and begin this new chapter in your life with your
forever one!
5. Pick Your First Dance Song!
Country, R&B, Old School or Jazz?
Fun, Romantic, Sentimental
or Unique?
Picking a song for your first dance can definitely become a little stressful!
Some couples pick their song long before getting engaged. Others, however, become overwhelmed by the endless options, and they can’t make a unified decision.
Many couples want to find a song that relates, in one way or another, to their relationship. Maybe the tune played on the radio during your first kiss or maybe it reminds you of an unforgettable vacation.
No matter the reason, choosing a song with sentimental value will make your first dance extra special.
“When in doubt,
dance it out!”
As you may be planning your upcoming wedding, please know that
The Barn at Crescent Lake is still booking dates and conducting personal site tours at our venue.
We invite you to come take a walk, relax, enjoy the scenery and catch some fresh air while beginning to plan your perfect day!
All tours are private and conducted in wide open spaces with
the appropriate social distancing as recommended!
Our tours are by appointment only and we make it easy to schedule
We are delighted to share with you our venue and how we are going to make your day amazing and everything you ever dreamed of❤
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