Do you plan to get married sometime soon despite all the wedding-stopping events in the past year? The pandemic caused a lot of couples to delay their wedding plans. A study showed that the US might’ve had 339,917 marriages less than usual last year.

Yet, as we get more accustomed to the new normal, more people are hoping to say their official “I dos” again. If you’re ready to start or restart your wedding planning again, here’s a helpful guide for you. Below, we’ll talk about how you can throw a beautiful wedding that won’t cripple your budget.

1. Use Personal or Borrow Stereo Equipment

Sound and lighting are the keys to creating a mood in an event. However, hiring a DJ can cost you more than you’d need to spend. A great alternative to this is to use your home stereo equipment or borrow from a friend.

The vital part is to have the speakers on the dance floor. Get a few hours of reception music ready on an iPod. Personalizing your music can give your wedding a luxurious twist. Plus, it won’t cost anything at all.

2. Do Your Wedding Catering or Hire a Family-Owned Restaurant

A benefit of hiring a caterer is that you get more time to handle your wedding preparations. However, if you don’t have the budget for one, you’ll have to sacrifice time to do the food prep. Handling your wedding’s catering is a smart way to save money that you can use on other wedding items.

However, if you can’t find the manpower from family and friends, look for a family-owned restaurant. They are great for weddings since they make sure your wedding is special. They’re also more understanding of budget needs.

3. Keep Your Guest List Small

Today, couples are looking for unique ways to plan their weddings around social distancing guidelines. Before you do, you need to know how many guests you’re inviting to your special day. A bigger guest list will need a bigger celebration, so keep it small.

Yet, if you don’t have the money for big celebrations, you’ll be regretting making many invites. The solution is to be strict, decisive, and resolute with your guest list. Make sure those who come to the wedding are the people who you invited and want to be there.

4. Display Fewer Flowers

Flowers are a staple element in wedding decorations. However, you don’t need a lot of them to hold a beautiful wedding. There are creative ways to create a beautiful wedding venue while using fewer blooms.

For example, you can use fake flowers instead of real ones. You can also give each bridesmaid a single bloom while the bride gets the bouquet. If you’re the artsy type, know that DIY wedding decor is a top trend for this year.

5. DIY Your Invitations

If you’ve got a printer at home and decent lay-outing skills, then you know the best thing to do. Make time to design your invitations for a smart wedding on a budget. Since you’re making the design, you can personalize it in any way you want.

Keep it classy with looped font and embellishments, or go modern with a minimalist design. You can find a lot of great fonts and images online to add to your invitations. Get a special paper from an art store, and you’re good to go.

6. Buy Used Decorations for Frugal Yet Beautiful Wedding Décor

If you’ve got a knack for finding great deals during sales, then you may stumble upon the perfect centerpieces. In the months of wait, visit stores like Hobby Lobby, Paper Warehouse, or My Wedding Favors. You’re sure to find glamorous wedding decorations and centerpieces on sale at some point in the year.

7. Hold the Wedding Outside

Function halls can cost you a pretty penny compared to renting a barn or using your backyard. Often, the venue can also take up a good chunk of your wedding budget. If you want a cheaper option, decide on a picturesque outdoor wedding.

Don’t forget to prepare for weather interruptions. Make sure you have a Plan B in case of rain or cold weather. Too much sun can also harm guests, so be ready.

8. Get a Vintage Wedding Dress and Rent Tuxes as a Group

Buying the dress is an exciting part of wedding planning, but it’s also an expensive step. You can skip this step by going to a store and looking for a vintage dress instead. You can then get it tailored and modified to your preference later.

For men, you won’t always need a tuxedo, so what’s the point of buying one? A smart way to look stylish at your wedding is to rent a tux instead. Bring the boys together for the rental so that you can access the group rates.

9. Have Wait Staff Don White Gloves

A small yet effective trick for a successful wedding is to get the guests to feel that they’re getting waited in luxury. Get white gloves for your wait staff to give them a stylish and high-end look. You can get a pair of white gloves for only 50 cents each.

10. Pick a Motif and Carry It Through With Style

A secret to throwing a budget-friendly yet luxury wedding is to follow through with your motif. A theme or motif will affect everything about the wedding design-wise. You’ll want it incorporated into your invitations, programs, escort cards, and lighting.

Thus, you must decide on a motif early during the wedding planning stage. Motifs and themes aren’t only there to make your wedding affair seem more cohesive. It’s also there to narrow down your choices and stresses in picking among them.

Plan Your Dream Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

Indeed, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s why weddings are popular as lavish occasions that come with large price tags. Yet, if it’s only going to happen once, then there’s no reason to put all your money into making it extravagant.

If you’re looking for a beautiful wedding venue, consider Barn and Sky Lodge at Crescent Lake. You can reach us through our email or telephone number. Visit our contact page for more details or to send us a direct message.

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